Let our expert team of skilled professionals provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum return on your investment! There are a multitude of things you need to worry about when trying to put a tenant in your home. Greene Property Management is here to manage a multitude of  tasks and legal procedures so that you don’t have to.

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1. Marketing

Unmatched marketing presence in the Volusia County area. Through Digital and traditional, we lease properties within a week on average.

3. Applications

Our easy to use online rental application process is guided by our need to obtain enough information to do comprehensive background checks and credit checks on prospective tenants.

5. Inventory

Inventory the property at the beginning and end of each lease. Our property managers make it their job to ensure all items are accounted for.

7. Legalities

We coordinate legal action for the collection of late rents and eviction if necessary. Our Managing Director is in the know on all the latest local laws and procedures surrounding tenant and landlord relationships.

9. Maintenance

We have a team of trusted and certified maintenance officials who are ready to fix and repair anything on your property. Whether you're down the street or across the world in another country, we have maintenance under control.

2. Rate Analysis

Monitoring the local market to ensure that rental rates set for your property are competitive. We find a happy medium between find you the perfect tenant and max ROI.

4. Screening

All prospective tenants who are shortlisted are put through up to date background and credit checks. We go as far as to request references to ensure you have a trustworthy tenant.

6. Paperwork & Collections

Collections and administration is where we shine brightest. We take care of everything. From preparing the rental agreement to collecting all deposits & monthly rent.

8. Accounting

Solomon Greene puts his finance degree to work for you each and every day. We prepare detailed monthly owner’s statements of income and expenses all of which are available through your online account at GPM.

10. Inspections

Our property managers personally do inspections regularly and ensure your tenant takes great care of the premises.

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